Why we started Human Liberty?


About Human Liberty

Buy Xanax Nz Human Liberty is a movement. Buddhism, Marxism and Ambedkarism are base of Human Liberty organization. Transformation in  people thinking towards Buddhism or Rationalism, System Transformation towards communism and eradicate all kind of discrimination from society. These are aims of Human Liberty organization.

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We are comrades for complete communism.
  • We are using Buddhism for making rational change in people’s thinking and people’s behavior and eradicating Fascism like Brahmanism.
  • We are using Marxism for eradicating Capitalism & change system towards Communism for ending all exploitation in world.
  • We are using Ambedkarism for eradicating distinction and discrimination between people. Society has caste, class, religion, area, language, skin color, race, gender etc. distinctions.
Established in 2006

http://sipgroup.org/become-a-sponsor/ In 2004 some rationalist and Buddhist activist came together and establish ‘Rationalist Association of People.’. ​ In 2005 we change the ideology so we changed the organization name. now we become ‘Exploitation Eradication Committee’. In 2006 we mixed Rationalist or Buddhist organization with Communism. So we started ‘Human Liberty’.

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Our Goal

* To make the world a kingdom of Righteousness
* To establish communism in the world
* To eradicate all types of human discrimination

Our Team

Safe Xanax Online Sachin More

Founder, President

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Sachin More from Satara is worked with Andhashraddha Nirmulan Samitee, Democratic Youth Federation of India and various progressive movements. He had fellowships of Dalit foundation, Sathi Cehat and Rural Communes organizations. He wrote 3 books about social movement.

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Xanax Where To Buy Uk Rakesh Lade

Buy 3 Mg Xanax

Buy 3 Mg Xanax ​​Secretary

Rakesh Lade from Satara is working with Human Liberty since 2008. He had Dalit foundation and Rural communes fellowship in 2010. Now he is working with Smart Education company. He is related with various progressive and Ambedkarite movements in Maharashtra.


Buy Xanax Australia Savita More


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Savita More from Pune is Founder and President of ‘Utkarsh Apang Sanstha’ established in 2000. She is working in Pune district as well as Maharashtra state. Now she is working with Handicapped in Apang Mahamandal. Savita More is related with various Ambedkarite movements in Pune.

We’re Here for Revolution

Best Site To Order Xanax Online In Indian situation,
It’s necessary to destroy Brahmanism for caste less society. – Solution in Buddhism
And its important to destroy caste system for workers unity. (If workers are unite based on caste they couldn’t unite based on class. and if they will not unite how communism will establish?) – Solution in Ambedkarism
And its important to unite workers for revolution. – Solution in Marxism
And after revolution communism could establish. – So solution in only Human Liberty

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