How can Buddha change Indian Politics?

How can Buddha change Indian Politics?

How can Buddha change Indian Politics?

Buddha is a spiritual personality and not belongs with politics. Although I explained here – How can Buddha change Indian Politics? I think Buddha influencing on Indian politics. Not towards communalism but towards revolution and communism. How it can be possible? Let me explain.

How can Buddha change Indian Politics?
  • Now a day’s Majority of Indian population are Hindus. And 15 % of Hindus are upper castes. And in Upper caste you can find Capitalists, Feudalistic and Patriarchal Males are ruling population of the country.
  • Upper caste people are involved in teaching Brahmanism (fascist things) to people since 2000 years. They are using Manusmriti (law of Brahmanism) to implement Brahmanism. That’s why Indians are became mental slaves of Upper caste people.
  • Due to that majority Indians are following lots of superstition, defective ritual, conventions and traditions, casteism, bigotry, predestination etc. You can find here many atrocities, riots, violence, discrimination against Lower castes (like Dalit, Tribes, Nomadic tribes & Shudras), minorities (like Muslims, Christians) and women as well as LGBT people.
  • Although this situation is happened here. If majority people accept Buddhism and reject Brahmanism then situation will change towards political revolution. How? Let me explain – How can Buddha change Indian Politics?
Economical revolution
  • Now millions of rupees & tons of gold, silver & diamonds are dumped in Hindu Temples. Every year millions of people are donating millions of rupees to Hindu temples.
  • In all temples 100% worshipers or Pujari’s are only Brahmans. So majority of money are provided to communal organization through temple committee or corruption.
  • That communal organizations are making hate environment in India against Dalit, minority people.
  • Due to this money & hate environment fascist political parties are ruling parties of India.
  • If Government will take charge of this money. There is no need to collect any kind of tax from people. Because Temples earn more than Indian Government.
Change of Thinking
  • Due to majority people are Hindu & are praying to Rama & Cow. Communal organizations are making issues on them to spread hate environment against Dalit & Minorities.
  • Majority People are superstitious & following Hinduism blindly. So they do not think rationally & scientifically.
  • If majority people convert in Buddhism then nobody can spread hate environment. Or if somebody spread hate thoughts. Then People will not support or respond them. May be they will oppose them.
  • People will think rationally & scientifically due to Buddhism. So they will attract towards rational politics.
Destroy Monopoly of Upper castes
  • Majority people of India (Approximately 85%) are Shudra (OBC), Dalit, Tribal (SC/ST), Nomadic Tribes (VJNT), and Non Hindus. In actual situation Upper castes (Brahman, Kshatriya & Vaishya) are in minority (Only 15%). But due to majority people are Hindu. Lower caste Hindus are slavers of Upper castes Hindus. That’s why Upper castes have monopoly in all kind of powers like Parliament, Government, Temples and Business.
  • If majority people will convert into Buddhism. Everybody become self-enlightenment. And will coming out from mental slave. Then they will not following the upper castes rules. And they will try to involve themselves in all kind of Power. Due to that, monopoly of upper castes will destroy.
Involvement of Bahujan (majority people) in Power
  • In current situation Upper castes are in all kind of Power. So majority (Bahujan) don’t get justice. They don’t have equity. And they don’t have any rights.
  • If majority (Bahujan) will fully involve in Power then they can find justice, their rights and equity. Nobody can abuse them. They will come in main flow or main stream of the development.
Caste less Society
  • Socially (not legally) Inter caste marriages are banned in India due to Hinduism. Because every caste is upper than some caste and lower than some castes. So they can’t marry with other caste person. They can marry with their own caste only.
  • If someone tried for Inter caste marriage. Then that incidence is against in Hinduism. So people oppose them. Mostly upper caste people oppose Inter caste marriages. In many cases people killed that couple. In many cases upper caste parents and their relatives are involved in such murder and atrocities (especially when girl is upper caste).
  • If majority of people will reject Brahmanism and accept Buddhism. No will oppose for Inter caste marriages. Because there is no any upper or lower caste in Buddhism. All will be equal. Due to that Inter caste marriages will increase. And India can become Caste less society.
  • Due to caste system, workers of India couldn’t unite. They divided in to many castes. And in casteism you can find hierarchy between them. That hierarchy depends on Varna system. Brahmins are in most upper. Kshatriya’s are lower than Brahmins but upper than Vaishya and Shudra. Vaishya’s are upper than Shudra’s but lower than Brahmins and Kshatriya’s. Shudra’s are lowest. Due to that people hate each other.
  • If workers do not unite properly how revolution can possible in India?
  • Due to Buddhism there are no any social distinctions, hierarchy and discrimination’s. And due to Inter caste marriages people (workers) become relatives of each other. Workers can unite easily & effortlessly. Then revolution could be possible in India.
  • Once revolution happened in India. Workers will be in power. And they will implement socialism & communism
  • If entire world will practice communism. Then there is no need of government institute. Because government institutes are made for exploitation from feudalistic and capitalist. So it will expire soon. And Dhamma (means Morality) will take charge of that institute.
How can Buddha change Indian Politics?
  • Now I think, you understand well about – How can Buddha change Indian Politics? Due to that Dr. Ambedkar gave us Buddhism and 22 pledges. Because Buddhism and Babasaheb’s 22 pledges can change Indian Politics.
  • Dr. Ambedkar explained Buddhism correctly in his book ‘Buddha and his Dhamma’. And if you understand these things you can understand Buddhism support and help to implement communism.
  • In ‘Buddha and Karl Marx’ book Babasaheb didn’t oppose communism. Meaning of that book is Buddha can implement communism independently. To implement communism you don’t need Marxism if you already have Buddhism.

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