VICTIM OF DALIT ATROCITY. A Crime is committed against a Dalit in India every 20 Minutes, according to Crime Clock 2004. Dalits suffer atrocities at the hands of the dominant caste based on the caste system. In spite of the fact that this was outlawed over 60 years ago cast. The number of atrocity cases against dalits is very high. And reflects the fact that religion and tradition continue to control the minds, beliefs and attitudes of people. Society believes that they must serve the dominant community. It is their duty according to Hindu religion and it is a sin if they do not practice it.

The people who serve the dominant community in return do not reap benefits from their work. And as a result, the lower caste people are economically, socially and politically very backward. They are also denied education. The dominant people mostly use their political, economical and social power to oppress Dalit people. The lower caste people are denied their Human rights in spite of the fact that the Indian constitution grants equality to all, and in spite of the social development which has taken place in India over the past decade.

Human Rights

The Declaration of Human Rights was implemented by the United Nations on 10th December 1948. In addition to the rights that this grants all citizens of the world. Reformers such as Ambedkar and Phule fought against the caste system and untouchability. When Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar wrote the Indian constitution. He incorporated provisions upholding rights of depressed communities like the Dalits. The Indian legislature has also passed special laws to extend special protection to the Dalit and Adivasis. Including The Protection of Civil Rights Act. The SC and ST (prevention Atrocities) Act. Minimum wages Act. And Bonded Labour system (abolition) Act. Yet in spite of these legislation’s, Dalit’s still do not see justice. They are VICTIM OF ATROCITY

Navsarjan Trust

During my visit to Navsarjan Trust. I realized that the Dalit people living in the Gujarat are in a very critical situation. They suffer from continuous atrocities at the hands of the dominant community. Dalit’s are often victims of atrocities, including beatings, sexual abuse (especially minor girl children) and Dalit women are often even murdered. The Atrocity prevention Act is not implemented properly. The police tend to compromise such types of cases because they too work under the pressure of the dominant community. They do not file FIR under the Atrocity prevention act.

The Navsarjan Trust in Ahmadabad is one organization that is working for Dalit Rights and for justice of survivors of atrocities. The activists of the organization meet police and demand the proper implementation of the Act. Gujarat is a state where untouchability is still practiced even today – I visited one village where the dalit community is still housed in the outskirts of village. These people are not allowed to attend any social or religious events.


The Dalit’s are denied the resource of livelihood in Gujarat. The Dalit children do not get a good education. The people don’t have political influence in local governance. Even today Dalit people cannot demand their Equality before law is mentioned in the constitution, but this is not practiced. The Dalit people face Atrocities every day. Maharashtra as a state is supposed to be “developed”, yet. One can also find atrocities happening there in Khairlanji – the Bhotange family is one example. The Police Administration behave partial role with Dalit people. It is need to proper implementation of Atrocity Act and prevents the Atrocity cases.

There is hope for change however. One small group from the Dominant community in Gujarat is advocating for repealing the Atrocity Act. They claim that it is misused by political leader and police machinery for their own interest, yet they are struggling to be listened to.


Writer – Mahadev Upade.

(Writer is Ex Advocacy intern and Social Activist.)

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