Why we started Human Liberty?

We are the Comrades for Communism.

We are the Comrades for Communism.

We are the Comrades for Communism. You can find here details of the organization. We started Human Liberty organization in 2006. And still we are comrades for communism.

Welcome to Human Liberty

Human Liberty is based on Buddhist, Marxist and Ambedkarite thoughts.

Buddha + Marx + Ambedkar = Human Liberty.


We are trying to run campaign for Human Liberty since 2006. We have well trained activist in Konkan, Western Maharashtra and Khandesh regions in Maharashtra, India. We are working with weaker sections of society.

Training center

We are providing training of ideology, Human Right, Self-efforts, Capacity building and Skill Development. Hundreds of youth and Activist are well trained with Human Liberty Training Center.

Library & Research center

We have more than 1000 books and more than 500 magazines in our library. There is research material in the Library so it is very useful for researchers. Students and Activist are taking benefits of our Library and Research Center. We also have some important heritage things of Tribal and Dalit community in this center.

Guidance center

We have Helpline to guide and support to Activist and problem facing people. We guide them through telephone about the solutions, tactics of democratic and legal fight. If they need some help then  our experts participate and help them in field too.

Counseling center

We run a counseling center for them who are facing psychological problems. Such as depression. Due to 1. Break up or divorce in love, relationship or marriage. 2. Failure in business, carrier or education etc.

Society of Human Liberty.

Registration number:

Mah/10584/Sa, f – 10546 (Satara)

  Donate us on:

Bank of Maharashtra

Bank Account number: 6001124729-1

Success Stories
Before us:

​In Khandesh area of Maharashtra we started working with tribal community in 2008. That time Tribal were poor, uneducated and uncivilized. So educated people, upper cast communities and government officers were cheating and exploit them easily. Tribal community were always had fear about exploitation from civilized society in Jalgaon, Nandurbar and Dhule districts.

After us:

Now school dropout tribal youth are well trained from Human Liberty Training’s. Now they know how to fight with cheaters and exploiters with legal and democratic way for change in situation.

Now people started to participate in Gram Sabha. They achieve many government documents. And they get benefits of various Government schemes. Now tribal are fearless and feel real liberty


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