Why we started Human Liberty

Why we started Human Liberty

Why we started Human Liberty – In this article we are discussing about Human Liberty organization. On 1st January 2006 we started Campaign for Human Liberty. We combine Buddha, Marx and Ambedkar in the organization. Why? Let me explain.

Starting Days

In 2004 some Rationalist, Communist, Buddhist, Atheist and Ambedkarite activist came together. That time we were working with other like minded  organizations.

We were discussed on many issues related with Social and political change. That period we think, discuss and wrote articles on various social issues. And  we actual worked on the field about social political things.

Situation of India

Majority of Indian population are Hindus. And 15 % of Hindus are upper castes. And in Upper caste you can find Capitalists, Feudalistic and Patriarchal Males are ruling population of the country.

In India Upper caste people are involved in teaching Brahmanism (fascist things) to people since 2000 years. They are using Manusmriti (law of Brahmanism) to implement Brahmanism. That’s why Indians are became mental slaves of Upper caste people.

Due to that majority Indians are following lots of superstition, defective ritual, conventions and traditions, casteism, bigotry, predestination etc. You can find here many atrocities, riots, violence, discrimination against Lower castes (like Dalit, Tribes, Nomadic tribes & Shudras), minorities (like Muslims, Christians) and women as well as LGBT people.

Rationalist association of People – 2004

Although this situation is happened here. If majority people accept Buddhism and reject Brahmanism then situation will change towards political revolution. How? For more information Click on – How can Buddha change Indian Politics? So we started Rationalist association of People.

Exploitation Eradication Committee (Shoshan Nirmulan Samiti) – 2005

After one year in 2005 we came together again. And we discussed about our way of Rationalism. This way is very long and couldn’t complete in our own life. So what if we directly work on system transformation? Once power will come in our hands, we can change people mind set through education department, media and other sources. And we can implement communism easily.

So we change our ideology. We left Buddhism and we accepted Marxism. And Started work like communist. We changed the name of the organization. Our organization’s new name was Exploitation Eradication Committee (Shoshan Nirmulan Samiti)

Campaign for Human Liberty – 2006

After one year in December 2005 we came together again. And we thought on 3 issues.

  1. If we will take charge of power. But if people are remain Hindu mind set. Then they will destroy the system again and they will make system related with their religion (Brahmanism) again.
  2. Due to caste system, workers couldn’t unite. They divided in to many castes. And in casteism you can find hierarchy between them. Due to that people hate each other. If workers do not unite properly how revolution can possible in India?
  3. If majority of people are convert in to Buddhism. But if System is remaining in hands of Capitalist, feudalistic or Upper caste males. Then there is no meaning of only Religious conversion.
Why we started Human Liberty

Why we started Human Liberty

We thought that if we want real revolution or communism. We need Buddhism to eradicate Brahmanism and change people mind set towards communism. We need Ambedkarism to eradicate caste system and other discrimination’s like gender, religion, language, area, race or skin color based. And we need Marxism for system transformation. And if Buddha, Ambedkar and Marx come together. Then real revolution will happen in India as well as in entire world. And communism can establish properly in the world.

So We again change name of the organization. And now we started Campaign for Human Liberty on 1st January 2006. For more details click on Why we started Human Liberty ?

Some questions
  1. Buddha is against to violence. Then how Buddha can work with Marx?

See if any one attacks on you. And telling you either you accept slavery or face fighting. Then what will Buddha suggest? Death or slavery? Buddha giving permission to your enemy to kill you. or telling you accept his slavery. Is it true? Don’t Buddha suggest fighting?

And what Marx is telling? Is he suggest to kill innocent people? Isn’t he suggest only fighting with your enemy or exploiter?

2. Dr. Ambedkar oppose Communism and Marxism. Then?

Its not very true. Dr. Ambedkar found some lacuna’s in Marxism. And he correct them in ‘Buddha and Karl Marx’ book. And he only suggested, if you accept Buddhism (which is corrected by Ambedkar),  you can find Marxism is included in Buddhism. So you don’t need to go towards Marx for revolution or communism. You can implement revolution or communism with Buddhism.

3. Buddha is a spiritual personality. Then why you need Buddha for revolution or communism?

If people mind set is not favor with revolution or communism then people will oppose revolution or communism. They will do anti revolutionary work. And they can destroy communism again and can give power to capitalist, feudalistic or fascist government.

Buddhism is favor with communism and revolution. So if majority people accept Buddhism people will support to communism and revolution. And its important for long term communism. Otherwise anti revolution can make after revolution.

4. Democracy or Dictatorship

Marx suggest dictatorship of workers. And Dr. Ambedkar suggest Democracy. Its look like they oppose each other. But see Workers are in majority. and Exploiters (Capitalist, feudalistic or fascist) are in minority. Marx want dictatorship on exploiters. But It was democracy for workers. Workers are in majority person. So it is a real democracy.

Now a days what do you find in republican states? There is no any democracy. Capitalist politicians rules on people. They are making rules with favor of capitalist only. And their many rules are opposing to workers. It is not real democracy. Its a fake democracy.

Our Goal

You can finds Buddha, Marx & Ambedkar’s  ideology in our goals and Aims.

  • To make the world a kingdom of Righteousness
  • To establish communism in the world
  • To eradicate all types of human discrimination

In our logo we included Buddha, Marx and Ambedkar’s ideology . You can find communist symbol of sickle and hammer in our logo. As well as you can find Ashok Chakra / Dhamma wheel (Symbol of Emperor Ashok – Buddhist King). As well as we included Red color for Marxism and Blue color for Ambedkarism.

Since 2006 we are working with weaker sections of Indian Society. We are working with Tribal, Dalits, Nomadic Tribes, Minorities, Women, LGBT people, Unorganized workers and farmers.

Why we started Human Liberty?Why we started Human Liberty?

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